Why ride? For me the question was easy. 300 miles? Great, love Challenges!

I am a chef, I love to cycle, run, be outdoors and I love kids.  Every child should have the opportunity to eat healthy food, and thrive. “Chefs Cycle”, an incredible opportunity to make a difference, while; doing something I love.

Could we really make a difference?
I was nervous about the fundraising at first, but once I explained the cause and sent emails to everyone I pretty much knew I was personally able to raise just under 9,000 dollars. I thank everyone that donated to this great cause!

It is no secret I love to bike and run and my profession is in the kitchen. The event fit my personality, and experience perfectly. What I didn’t expect was to be completely moved and inspired by the other riders, the cause and the kids. Thanks to the riders who pushed the pace, you know who you are.

To think 1 in 5 kids in America is not getting the food they need on a daily basis. 
We set out on our ride a bunch of chefs, doctors, professionals and acquaintances. I believe it is fair to say the No Kid Hungry ride turned out to be as moving for me personally as the cause itself.  Challenged to exceed my personal limits both on the road and in the kitchen all participants inspired me.  The new relationships formed and the physical challenge itself was exhilarating. I feel blessed to have participated and thankful for the $1,000,000 we raised.

Next year 2 million dollars and 300 Hundred riders! 

Photos by Davey Wilson